How to pick the best web host for your blog

When it comes to choosing a good web host, the thousands of providers don’t make it easy. You need to consider many things including price, packages, bandwidth, disk space, etc. So how do you got about choosing the right provider? The factors below should be considered before choosing a web host company.

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Some things to consider would be:

1-Is the hosting for a small site that I will use just for fun and recreation or a business site that I need to make sure that I get full support? A site for fun may be better off going for the cheaper priced hosts as opposed to the expensive hosting you get from professional providers.

2-What am I getting for this amount of money? While some sites seem like a great deal at the first impression, you may find yourself missing out on a much better deal on a different site.

3-Is a well-designed control panel enabled into their sites? A simple to use control panel will make running your site a lot easier

4-Is the site known for offering services such as 24/7 phone support and updates about server maintenance? Make sure you look through the list of services that they offer. Phone support may not seem that important now but when you’re making money based on whether your site is up or not, waiting on an e-mail is not a good option.

5-How much do I need? Many hosts try to suck you into their program by offering unbelievable pricing.


It is quite common that you find sites offering different packages for different levels of hosting. You should always start with the least level of hosting and upgrade as you need more perks.

Bandwidth and Disk space

How much bandwidth you need is greatly determined by the type of site that you plan to run. The average blog wouldn’t need as much bandwidth as a file upload service. Just remember, when a site offers unlimited bandwidth, you know that isn’t possible, and it is just a technique to get you to choose the best plan. The way you determine disk space is similar to bandwidth. If you plan to have hundreds of files on your server, get more disk space.

WordPress Development for your blog

WordPress provides features like, multiple author ability and above all search engine friendly URL, help for tagging the posts and article, integrated link management, and that’s the reason why WordPress is the best blog publishing system. WordPress has developed using PHP with MYSQL as the back end for maintaining a database. WordPress development is easy; it’s user-friendly and hence it’s popular.

The presentation is an important aspect of any WordPress development so your WordPress theme design should be eye catchy. Your application should be integrated with your custom theme, and any WordPress designer should try to make the front end customization of the blog application very attractive as it’s the first thing which is being noticed apart from quality content.

It’s a vast field so if you want to have a quality WordPress development then having the skilled and experienced WordPress developer will help you in the purpose. But one need to make a proper choice for that like if you need only the customization of the already developed WordPress customization, then it does not make any sense for you to waste money in hiring a WordPress developer for the whole application development. As it requires a specialist in different fields, one should hire the WordPress developers on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis as per your requirements.

Get the experienced WordPress developers at your end and make the best use of the WordPress features.

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