Common Problems with Cheap Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, there are many factors that come into play. From speed, security, bandwidth to cost, these are undoubtedly key aspects that must be considered. Talking of cost, some web hosting providers understand that people shun away from expensive hosting. They devise sly hosting plans, but the reality is that these plans are mostly problematic. In this article, we will be looking at Common Problems with Cheap Web Hosting.

Cheap Web Hosting
Cheap Web Hosting

Server goes down almost every other time

Most cheap web hosting plans are very unreliable. You mostly find that the website keeps throwing errors, something that is not only disappointing to the owner but also to the visitors as well. The reality is that website that go down anytime tend to lose tons of visitors and customers, and that’s one common problem with cheap web hosting.

Overloaded servers

Often, cheap web hosting companies will guarantee that their servers are ever up. They also promise unlimited bandwidth. However, little do they tell you that since the offer is too good, they get lots of signups and this overloads the servers making your website to be very slow and sluggish.


Another Common Problem with Cheap Web Hosting providers is that they have poor support. This can negatively impact your business. If you don’t get prompt support, you will mostly find problems like being offline or websites going down occasionally. One reason that can be attributed to this is that their support staff are literally overwhelmed with the number of complaints, and this makes their services poor. You can do more than three days before your ticket gets resolved.


As far as web hosting security is concerned, you usually find out that their websites get easily compromised. At times, you find that they are defaced. Cheap web hosting usually tends to host phishing sites as well as spammers who attack other websites. Such a scenario can be a nightmare. With inadequate security, your site might be redirected to other sites and this may intern rob you thousands of visitors.

Outdated software’s

The web world keeps evolving. Every day, better software’s and plugins are developed. Most cheap website hosting providers tend to be very conservative. They simply avoid inculcating changes as they don’t want to eat into their minimal profit. This, in turn, leaves the customer in a compromising situation. You find that your websites have tons of compatibility issues in that you can’t run and install new programs.

The bottom line

Like they say cheap is expensive. If you are thinking to go for cheap web hosting, you really ought to reconsider your thoughts.

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